Mitzvah-Plex 2018

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Mitzvah-Plex 2018
Educate. Inspire. Act.

Sunday, March 25, 2018
9 am - Noon

Every year at Mitzvah Mall, and now Mitzvah-Plex, we learn about grassroots organizations addressing urgent issues, meet social justice leaders and innovators, work on projects, raise funds, and find out how we can continue to help.

Thanks to all of the Barnert Temple members who participated in the November 12, 2017, charity choosing session, we have a slate of charities for Mitzvah-Plex 2018 that will truly move us forward on our path of deepening connections with individuals, families and communities in need.

Contact Sue Klein at [email protected].

Learn more about our Mitzvah-Plex 2018 charities on-line at:

Mitzvah:  Honoring the Elderly (Kibud Zekaynim)
Music and Memory;
This will be the first time this charity is represented.  They are associated with In Their Shoes, a group we supported at the 2014 Mitzvah Mall.


Mitzvah:  Youth - Keeping One's Word (Nedarim)
This is a new Mitzvah-Plex charity, supported by our longtime partner, The Good People Fund.


Mitzvah:  Support for Veterans - Not Placing a Stumbling Block (Lo Titeyn Michshol)
Final Salute
Women of Barnerrt chaired this charity in 2015.


Mitzvah:  Crisis Management - Supporting and Healing (Somei-ach Noflim v'Rofei Cholim)
Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (BVMI)
This charity, founded and run by Barnert member Sam Cassell, has been supported at Mitzvah Mall.


Mitzvah:  Refugee - Welcoming the Stranger (Hachnasat Orchim)
HIAS (formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
This is the first time we will be supporting HIAS at Mitzvah-Plex.


Mitzvah:  Disaster Relief - Doing Righteous Acts (Tzedakah)
Temple Beth El of Fort Myers, Florida, Hurricane Irma Relief

Temple Beth El Hurricane Recovery Fundraising Site;
Hurricane Irma update:  Storm damage forces Temple Beth El to close for Rosh Hashana News Coverage
The Rabbi at Temple Beth El reached out to Rabbi Steiner about the extent of their damage and their need to rebuild and refurbish so they can serve their community.  The funds we raise will go toward replacing their commercial freezer and ice maker, which is utilized by their Preschool, Sisterhood, Religious School, Oneg sponsors -- virtually every area of their Temple!

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