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Helping others means supporting those inside our congregational community as well.  We face many types of challenges in our lives.  If you are facing a difficult time or need help, please let us know.  You can leave a confidential message for Rabbi Frishman, Rabbi Steiner or Sara Losch.  They will help you find the support and resources you need.

Rabbi Rossoff


(201) 848-1800  (ask Lori Solomon to leave a message for the Rabbi)

Rabbi Steiner

[email protected]  (ask Lori Solomon to leave a message for the Rabbi)

(201) 848-1800

Sara Losch

[email protected] 

(201) 848-1027  ext. 100

Barnert Temple's Caring Community

Support for individuals/families going through difficult times, such as illness, loss of loved ones, etc.

Contact: Laurie Hamilton or Ronnie Kauder