St. Paul's Emergency Men's Shelter Paterson, NJ

Volunteers Needed! 

/sites/default/files/uploaded_images/site/Helping_Others/Ongoing_Initiatives/Iwanttohelp.gifFourth Tuesday of Every Month 

Prepare Food, Deliver Food or Serve Food.

On the fourth Tuesday of each month, Barnert Temple volunteers prepare, deliver and serve food to approximately 15-35 men at the St. Paul's Men's Shelter in Paterson (numbers higher during winter months).  We cook and serve meatloaves, side dishes, salads and desserts.  

There are different opportunities for you to help out.

  • Prepare food and drop it off at Barnert
  • Deliver food to the shelter
  • Serve food at the shelter

Join Our Volunteer Pool! 

An email is sent to our volunteer pool each month to identify who will cook, deliver, and/or serve food each month.  If you are interested in joining our pool of volunteers, contact Elaine Mason.  


St. Paul's Community Development Corporation - Emergency Men's Shelter

Men's Shelter PhotoThe St. Paul's Community Development Corporation Emergency Men's Shelter provides emergency housing, clothing and food to as many as 50 homeless men every night. Our Shelter staff work to make each resident's stay as brief and helpful as possible by providing referrals for housing, employment, mental health and rehabilitation services. The Shelter relies on volunteer support from nearly 30 area churches and civic organizations (representing some 300+ volunteers) per year who bring prepared food and serve hot meals each night. 

In 2011, SPCDC provided shelter to 120 men, encompassing 9,100 bed nights, 2,992 hours of case management counseling, and 16,891 meals. Over the course of the year, 68 men were placed in permanent housing.

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