Women of Barnert



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Always check the Temple's online calendar for the most current list of dates and times, as they are subject to change.

Sept. 22 Women of Barnert Kickoff, 7:30 pm
Oct. 9 Women of Barnert/Men's Club Breakfast, 9 am
Dec. 4 Holiday Boutique
Jan. 29 Women of Barnert 100th Birthday Celebration Brunch, 9 am
Feb. 9 Women of Barnert Declutter Your Life, 7 pm
March 19 Women of Barnert Jewelry Swap, 9 am
May 12 Women of Barnert Shabbat, 8 pm


The Women of Barnert

WRJ LogoIn a nutshell, the Women of Barnert is about sharing, spirituality, service and friendship. The Women of Barnert Temple work to make our Temple life more beautiful, delicious and meaningful. Our contributions to the congregation and the community are numerous and significant. The Women of Barnert has many diverse programs throughout the year that raise funds to support Barnert Temple, as well as help charitable causes (tzedakah), and this year is no exception. We are planning another full year of activities for all ages and interests, including (but not limited to):

  • Fun game nights
  • Another spiritually uplifting Women of Barnert Shabbat
  • A moving Women's Seder
  • Joint social events with the Men's Club
  • Our fabulous Chanukah Boutique, where you can shop 'til you drop and fill all your gift and personal needs in one afternoon
  • Countless charitable activities to support our congregation and the broader community

To learn more about Women of Barnert and what we can offer you, contact any of the following:

     President:  Susan Esserman-Schack

     Treasurer/Past President:  Amy Lynn 

     Immediate Past President:  Rebeca Gordy

     Advisory Committee:
     Sheryl Benjamin
     Marian Filan
     Rita Kron
     Susan Kuller
     Myndee Males