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Looking for Some Help... and You Don't Need to be a Techie!

There are a few projects related to our website that are not technical and they need people to make them happen.  Take a look at the list below. If you have any interest in helping out, please contact Vicky Farhi at (201) 848-1800 or [email protected].

Social Media Support/Guidance:  Looking for someone who's a social media "guru" - Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogging, etc.  We want to improve the way we integrate the Temple's presence in the social media sphere and could use some guidance.  If you think you have the know-how, please contact Vicky Farhi at (201) 848-1800 or [email protected].

Flickr Support:  A picture's worth a thousand words. That's why we like to use pictures to tell our story about events and programs at Barnert. We're looking for someone who can help us keep our Flickr account organized and help us select the "right" pictures to tell our story. Interested? Please contact Vicky Farhi at (201) 848-1800 or [email protected].

iMovie/Video Editing:  Are you a movie producer at heart?  We are looking to create a series of video testimonials about members' experiences at Barnert.  To make this happen, we need to capture video and turn it into something that tells a story.  Think you have the skills to help?  Please contact Vicky Farhi at (201) 848-1800 or [email protected].

Want to Keep Your Committee's Website Presence Fresh and Up-to-Date?

We're looking for a volunteer from each committee/group at Barnert to monitor and help maintain information on the website.  Interested in being the representative for your group?  Please contact Vicky Farhi at (201) 848-1800 or [email protected].

Website & Technology - We're More Than Just TechiesTechie Spoof Photo

So you hear the words "website" and "technology" and your eyes roll back into your head.  That's the case for many. However, Barnert Temple's Website & Technology committee may not what you think.  Yes, we have some people with the technical skills to address software selection, infrastructure needs, website development, etc.  However, these individuals also understand Barnert Temple's needs as an organization.  Our goal is to make sure the technology at Barnert supports our organization's mission, vision and goals.  For example:

  • identifying tools to improve communication and share information amongst members and our various committees
  • selecting software solutions to support administrative functions like maintaining member data, accounting data, etc.
  • finding ways to make programs and worship more accessible to those who can't physically join us in our building (i.e., vide streaming Shabbat or Bar/t Mitzvah services)

These are just a few examples of the type of work the Website & Technology committee does at Barnert.  Interested in working with us?  (Glasses with tape and pocket protectors not required.) Just let us know!