The Barnert Experience

The Barnert Temple is a highly engaged congregation, passionate about our community and our future.  We strive to live according to the values of a sacred community, to be inclusive and venerate an ethos of caring and respect.  We uphold our diversity, in geography, individual backgrounds, religious beliefs, and practices.

We strive to personalize the experience of belonging to a Temple.  We don’t require a specific “practice” of Judaism.  We don’t judge you as a right or wrong kind of Jew.  We invite you to walk through one of many doors and discern the path of Jewish living that’s right for you.  This is what we call "The Barnert Difference." 

We are an evolutionary congregation with a dynamic and intellectually curious and caring membership willing to question itself and take risks.  The temple provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for worship for those who want to draw closer to God; and those committed to or interested in living Jewishly who question their belief in God or don’t believe in God.  We place a higher value on behavior than belief. We also embrace congregants’ non-Jewish loved ones. Most important, we commit our voices, our collective efforts and our resources to make a positive difference in the quality of Jewish life in our community and the wider world. As we move through the 21st century, we seek to secure the future of our congregation, to serve as a leading force of Jewish discovery and growth in Northern New Jersey and beyond.

We strive to be a congregation whose members are concerned about Judaism as well as each other.