Our Spiritual Lives

The Barnert Temple is a highly engaged congregation, passionate about our community and our future.  We strive to live according to the values of a sacred community, to be inclusive and venerate an ethos of caring and respect.  We uphold our diversity, in geography, individual backgrounds, religious beliefs, and practices.

Our Rabbis can take you through every phase of life cycle events including: 

  • Bris & Baby Naming
  • Death & Mourning
  • Marriage
  • Shehecheyanu Moments
  • Yahrzeit

We strive to personalize the experience of belonging to a Temple.  We don’t require a specific “practice” of Judaism.  We don’t judge you as a right or wrong kind of Jew.  We invite you to walk through one of many doors and discern the path of Jewish living that’s right for you.  This is what we call "The Barnert Difference."  We are an evolutionary congregation with a dynamic and intellectually curious and caring membership willing to question itself and take risks.


The Story of the Fischer Family Kabbalistic Traveling Scroll by Rabbi Elyse Frishman

In 2002, Glenn and Jeanette Fischer phoned me to ask if they could meet with me. As they entered my office, they carried a bundled object with them, and placed it on my desk. They shared this story:

“We were exploring a Judaica store in NYC, and expressed interest in a particular ritual object. The owner, hoping to whet our appetite further, offered to ‘toss in something else very inexpensively’ if we purchased that item. He took us into the rear of the store, where we entered a small, shelved area. He pointed to this object, bundled in filthy plastic and told us it was an old, small Torah. It wasn’t worth much because it was damaged; nonetheless… were we interested?  We were interested!”

I was interested!  Click here to read the full story.


Community Action on Syria

Rabbi Frishman spoke eloquently regarding the Syrian Refugee Crisis.  Read Rabbi Frishman's Rosh Hashanah 5776 sermon, Yom Kippur 5776 Morning sermon, and Congregational letter