Mishkan T'filah (Our Prayer Book)

Mishkan T'filah

Mishkan Tefilah is the Reform Movement's Prayer Book for Shabbat and Holidays.  Edited by Barnert Temple's Rabbi Emerita, Elyse Frishman, it is the standard prayerbook for Reform Synagogues in North America.  Including services for Shabbat, weekdays and festivals, as well as other occasions of public worship, and texts for more than a hundred songs, Mishkan T'filah reflects the full diversity of our Movement.

This Siddur includes:

  • Broad selection of readings, including beloved passages from our Reform liturgical tradition and great poetic writings from throughout Jewish history

  • Faithful, elegant translations
 with English transliteration of the Hebrew

  • Contemporary, gender-inclusive English

  • Theological and stylistic diversity

  • More than 100 contemporary and traditional song texts