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Looking at Barnert Temple Through the Lenses of Jewish History

During our first meetings, the Strategic Planning Committee delved into an exploration of the historical changes in Judaism:
•    as a way to understand its evolution;
•    to explore how Barnert Temple is in transition;
•    to explore the questions we need to answer to move on from today.

We focused on the many questions facing the Jewish community today:
•    What should we be asking ourselves?
•    How do we survive the next paradigm shift?
•    As Jews are looking to engage on their own terms, through their own perception or “lens” of what being Jewish means to them, how do we as a Temple move from here?
•    What is the ultimate goal? If our product is making Jews, what is the priority? The Institution or the Individual?
•    Do we claim to be an “open door” by enticing you to come in and then expect you to follow along or should we be looking at the Individual and building around the collective needs of the congregants? Is the synagogue the “ends” or the “means”?
•    How do we address the issue of what feels right for one may not be for another?
•    Do we look inward toward the functionality of the synagogue where the institution takes priority over the individual or should we be looking outward toward a more visionary side where we embrace diversity and aim for inclusiveness?

How do we do this?
•    What type of financial structure or funding can support us long term in the “new world of Judaism?”
•    What staffing do we need to succeed?
•    What is the most effective and appropriate governing structure?

Beginning in late September, we will host a number of focus groups from different demographic groups to discover and understand the needs and wants of our community within and outside Barnert Temple.

Once those are complete, we will move to developing a plan to bring Barnert Temple to the next generation of synagogue life with an emphasis on the major aspects of synagogue functioning (worship, learning, governance, finances).

Barnert Temple's Strategic Planning Committee

Description coming soon.

Contact(s): Jeff Gerstel, Rick Greenberg, Alice Hefner, Roberta Hong, Liz Louizides, Myndee Males, Drew Popik, Stacey Rappaport, Debbie Zlotowitz, Danny Freelander, Rabbi Frishman.