Mitzvah Mall

Logo - Mitzvah MallWhat fun Team Tzedek has working together to raise money and awareness for grassroots organizations that are making a difference! 


Photo - 2016 MM Comm With Check


On Sunday, April, 10,  Team Tzedek celebrated the conclusion of fundraising activities for Mitzvah Mall 2016 with a potluck and a check for $35,153.18.  Thanks to the generosity of all who contributed, this money will help fund programs that benefit women, children, elderly, refugees and others in need.  Now that you've been introduced to the important work they are doing, we hope you will continue to support them in whatever ways you can.

Team Tzedek would love to hear about connections made at Mitzvah Mall, stories about volunteering with the charities, and ideas for expanding our social justice work in the community and beyond. Contact Sue Klein at or Ron Lynn at [email protected].

2016 Mitzvah Mall Charities

Click on the Web sites of the organizations below to learn more.

Children's Health

Haitian Support

Maintains three programs that provide free health and education services to the poor of rural Haiti, including a free health care clinic that provides pediatric prevention, maintenance and diagnostic services.

Chosen by 3rd and 4th Grade Students
Luella Purse Rosenbaum and Karen Hart, Chairs





Provides families struggling to make ends meet with food parcels every other week and occasional household items.

Chosen by K to 2nd Grade Religious School Students
Donna Meyer and Leila Nosrati, Co-Chairs





Provides direct and continuous financial aid to elderly and forgotten Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Eastern Europe. 

Chosen by 7th Grade Religious School Students
Jackie Packman and Jan Mason, Chairs



Honoring the Elderly

 SAAFE (Save Abused and Frail Elderly)

Works with agencies and professionals that serve the elderly to increase awareness and identification of abuse and neglect.

Chosen by 5th Grade Religious School Students
Felicia Halpert and Costa Rodis, Chairs  



Love of Israel


Initiates projects that promote and empower parents and children by focusing on education, enrichment and personal support in refugee neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch participants
Patti Cantor and Susan Wild, Chairs



Preserving the Earth


Aims to re-engage and empower drop-out, at risk and otherwise marginalized youth through a multi-faceted program of hands-on organic farming in Israel.

Chosen by 6th Grade Religious School Students
Julia Louizides (BarTY), Chair



Redeeming the Captive:  Adults and Families


Encourages our neediest children and parents involved in the juvenile court system to get the help they need to make positive changes when no other funds are available.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch participants
Rich Edelman and Mitch Hausman (Men's Club), Chairs  



Redeeming the Captive:  Children in Crisis


Supports orphans and abandoned children in Cambodia by providing schooling so that they don't have to be sent out to beg for money.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch participants
Lisa Summers and Debby Birrer, Chairs  



Welcoming the Stranger


Serves youth in NJ who are coming out of the foster care system by providing safe housing, personal support and the guidance required to gain the skills that lead to successful assimilation into society.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch Participants
Marian Filan and Bari Hopkins (Women of Barnert), Chairs



Women’s Issues


Educates the public about the social, political and personal ramifications of limiting and eliminating women’s right to pray as a group at a holy site.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch Participants
Jill Gordon-Layton and Lisa Dugal, Chairs