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"What ramah are you up to? I'm on ramah 6. It's the Torah Blessings you know. I just finished ramah 5. I read and chanted the Kiddush. I 'm getting much better at reading and chanting my prayers." 
"What activities should I work on today? Grammar? Reading? Words about Prayer? Vocabulary? Wait! I have to read every day so I'll do that first, then I think I'll work on 'Words About Prayer.' That way I will understand more about the Torah Blessings."

This is a conversation that takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon in the Mitkadem program. It takes place out loud or in the student's head. Mitkadem means to move ahead, and the program is designed to support students in grades 4-6 as they learn Hebrew by moving through a series of levels or ramot

Students have choices as to which activities to work on. They can work individually or in groups. Each set of activities is facilitated by a teacher in a room dedicated to the activity. To move to the next level, a student must pass a written and reading examination. This is not Hebrew School like it used to be.

The current Mitkadem program includes:

• Choice and In-class Programming
• Hebrew Skills Building Class
• Listening Center
• Semi-annual Assessment and Final Recommendations
• Reading Logs/Homework
• MP3Homework Recordings On-line for Students
• Prayer Binders
• Tutoring
• Grade Specific Prayer
• "Jesse's Club" for students who have attained Ramah 15 or higher

For additional information contact Howard Nadler or Helen Fleischmann via email or at (201) 848-1027.

2012 Hebrew Studies Award 

2012 Jesse's Club Award Recipients