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Always check the Temple's online calendar for the most current list of dates and times, as they are subject to change.

Sept. 17 Men's Club Breakfast, 9 am
Oct. 1 Men's Club Breakfast and Put Up Sukkah, 9 am
Oct. 4 Sukkot Pizza-In-The-Hut, 5 pm
Oct. 15 9 am Men's Club Breakfast and Take Down Sukkah
Nov. 19 Men's Club Breakfast, 9 am
Dec. 3 Holiday Boutique Cafe, 9 am
Dec. 10 Men's Club Breakfast and Set Up Menorah, 9 am
Dec. 16

Barnert Social Committee, MC & WOB Chanukah Party, 7:30 pm (Ridgewood)
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Jan. 7 Men's Club Breakfast Take Down Menorah, 9 am
Feb. 11 Men's Club Breakfast:  Kurt Rossi, 9 am
March 10 Gourmet Tasting Event - Open to all, 7 pm
March 18

Joint Men's Club and Women of Barnert #MeToo Program: ​Recognizing Harassment & Creating an Even Playing Field for Women & Men, 9:30 - 11 am
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March 25 Mitzvah-Plex Pancake Brekfast, 9 am
April 15 Men's Club Breakfast:  Andrew Gross, 9 am
April 27 Shabbat Service led by Women of Barnert and Men's Club, 8 pm
May 5

WOB/MC/Social Committee/Preschool Parents Assn. Cinco De Mayo (off-site)
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June 5 Men's Club BBQ and Awards Dinner, 7 pm

Not Just Bagels StampsThe Barnert Temple Men's Club 

Our mission is to enhance the well being of the Barnert Temple Congregation by providing a venue for men to socialize, network and have fun while playing an active and visible role in all aspects of our Community's business, activities and support for Israel.
We are more than bagels, lox and BBQ. We are a vibrant group of 80+ men committed to improving our communities, family and temple life. We raise thousands of dollars and commit hundreds of hours of time to the following groups: Saint Pauls Homeless Shelter, Lakewood New Jersey Homeless encampment, Barnert Temple's cemetery, and Bergen County Medical Initiative. The Mens Club also makes significant contributions to the Temple's social action causes through our Casino Night and leadership in the Temple's Celebration of Giving dinner. We have also created a professional networking group, and run a special Shabbat program each year.
We have monthly breakfast meetings with delicious food, guest speakers, and stimulating conversation. All adult temple Men are invited to become part of this vital organization.

We look forward to meeting you.  Please, come check us out!  We have lots of bagels & lox to offer and impressive men doing wonderful things for our community - at home and abroad.  

Contact(s):  Rich Kuller, Men's Club President