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Did You Know You Can Borrow Books From Us?

Most of you know we have a library.  However, you may not realize that you can actually borrow books from our library!  Looking for something new to read with your kids?  Interested in exploring a Jewish topic you'd like to learn more about?  Come take a look at what we have on our shelves. 

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When you hear the word library you probably think of books.  If you walk into the Barnert library, you'll see lots of books on shelves all around the room.  However, our libraries have evolved into much more than lending centers.  In many ways, they are community centers that offer programs to bring people of all ages together.  Barnert Temple's Library Committee has started to follow that trend as well.

In recent years, the Library Committee has run a number of programs, like Shabbat Under the Blankets and One Book One Community, that use books and stories to bring people together.  These programs help connect families and individuals that might not otherwise cross paths.

If you have an interest in promoting the services our Barnert Library has to offer or defining programs for our Library committee, please let us know.  Fresh ideas are always welcome.