A Special Time With Alot of Support

Bar Mitzvah BoyPreparing to become bar/bat mitzvah is an incredibly special milestone for adolescents and their parents.  However, it's not the end of a process.  It's truly a milestone in a child's journey to understand his/her relationship with Judaism.  It's also a milestone for many parents.  We have found that a child becoming bar/bat mitzvah is a transformative moment for many parents, helping to reinvigorate or redefine their relationship with Judaism.

A great deal of preparation and dedication goes into achieveing this milestone. Each student preparing to become bar/bat mitzvah receives a copy of "The Guidelines" from the Barnert Temple Religious School.  This binder contains important pieces of information you need to know to successfully navigate this process.  For your convenience, we also provide you with access to much of this information below.

Letter from the Religious School 
Mitzvah Projects Requirements 
Facility Rentals 
Forms to be Completed 
Tree of Life 
Complete Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guidelines