Jewish Journey Project Barnert Temple

Bruchim Haba’im! Welcome!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the Jewish Journey Project Barnert Temple!

Our Barnert community has always been at the forefront of Jewish innovation.  In the past few years, we have seen the needs of our families shift significantly.  In response to these changes, we identified a unique opportunity to bring the cutting edge, New York City based Jewish Journey Project, to Barnert. Jewish Journey Project Barnert Temple (JJPBT) is a revolutionary response to these shifting needs, making quality, engaging Jewish education at Barnert more accessible.

JJPBT provides participants — from 3rd to 6th grades — with rich, engaging educational opportunities both inside and outside of Barnert’s walls, including the vast Jewish resources around New York City and beyond.

What makes JJPBT so innovative and unique is that there are multiple ways to create your family’s Jewish journey.  Each JJPBT participant plans and builds a personalized journey, choosing courses and workshops that match his/her passions and curiosities as well as preferred learning style.  The JJPBT model is based on flexibility, creativity, and experiential learning.  Participants work collaboratively with inspiring educators from diverse professional backgrounds.

JJPBT is a two semester per year program: (Fall/Winter and Spring)  Hebrew instruction will be offered on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and Sunday mornings. (This is a continuation of our Mitkadem Program). JJPBT Courses will be offered on multiple days and times during the week, including Sundays and before and after Hebrew instruction.  

JJPBT families can work with a JJPBT Advisor who helps them craft the ideal combination of courses each semester.  Our course catalog includes details about our amazing offerings — from creating Torah animation to learning about social justice (and taking action!), from Jewish holiday cooking to the study of Torah or Talmud with our Rabbis—and provides helpful information about registration.

At JJPBT, we broaden Jewish learning and deepen Jewish living by providing experiences that involve the individual, the family, the synagogue, and the larger Jewish community.  We’re excited that participants will meet, study, and grow with a wide range of fellow learners.

We could not be more excited to begin this new Journey together.  Please share JJPBT with any friends who may be interested in learning more about it and about joining our Barnert community. As always, we are here to answer any questions.  Read the article about us in the Jewish Standard.

Download our Fall/Winter 2017 course catalog here.  Our Fall/Winter 2018 cataglog will be here shortly.

Kadima! Let’s go!
Sara Losch, Director of Lifelong Learning
Rabbi Rachel Steiner
Jennifer Katz-Goldstein, Administrator