Preparing Children for Success in Grade School

Kindergarten at Barnert means every child has his or her own recipe for success.  By recognizing opportunities and chances to extend children’s learning, teachers create an individualized map for each student's academic and social/emotional journey, complete with higher-level challenges and long-term goals.  Our mission is to prepare our children for a lifelong love of learning and exploration.  In order to accomplish that, children need freedom to explore, ask questions, take risks, and have time to process all that they are learning.  At Barnert, they will have the ability to expand their prior knowledge, investigate new challenges and grow with infinite possibilities.  View our Kindergarten Newsletter.

What type of child should come to Barnert for Kindergarten?

  • A younger child who would benefit from a year of individualized attention
  • A child who has early reading skills who will blossom in an intimate, supportive environment
  • A child whose social/emotional skills will benefit from the extra love,  support and guidance our staff provides
  • Any child who would enjoy another year of Jewish experiences:celebrating Shabbat, participating in mitzvot, and learning to take care of the world (tikkun olam).
  • Any child who loves to learn. No other kindergarten will give your children this unique experience.

Whatever your reason, your child’s kindergarten year should be a positive  experience. Research shows and our Kindergarten alumni have proven, that if children achieve success during this important year, it can be a major indicator of future success. Our unique and challenging curriculum is taught by highly experienced, creative, nurturing teachers and offers everything your child needs to ensure a successful year.

Full Day Kindergarten
Monday - Friday:  9 am - 3 pm

  • Full day option allows time to explore topics in-depth while allowing plenty of time for gross motor activities that a 5 to 6 year old needs.
  • Small class size (lower teacher:child ratios) for more individualized attention.
  • Proven Early reading success through our certified Orton-Gillingham instructor, Master head teacher, Sharon Ramsey. This method offers flexibility by teaching the basics of word formation before whole meanings.  This allows us to more effectively accommodate our students’ different strengths and weaknesses. Results for all types of readers have been amazing.
  • Experienced, supportive teachers and staff.
  • Unique curriculum designed to incorporate NJ state standards in a creative and challenging way.
  • Later cut-off date means that younger children who are socially, emotionally and cognitively ready for kindergarten can get a head start on their education.
  • Child and family-centered supportive Barnert Temple community
  • Specials include Hebrew, Yoga, Gym, and Music
  • Beautiful park-like grounds  including  forest areas for exploration, multi-sensory playground and working garden

Morning Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Language Arts and Reading – “The Story Box” partnered with guided reading and phonics tailored specifically to your child.
  • Writers Workshop – Creatively geared to get your child writing through personal narrative, non-fiction, and response to literature. Uses Handwriting Without Tears program for handwriting skills.
  • Mathematics – Teachers tailor this curriculum using components of Everyday Math and Math Their Way to give students the foundations they need to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Science – Our curriculum places our world under a microscope. Students enjoy real life science experiments in a close up and personal way.
  • Social Studies – Through history, Jewish Holidays and their origins, and geography, the class researches and explores topics about the world around them.
  • Afternoons are filled with all the "Explorations" activities described below

Only have a half day public Kindergarten in your town? Join our Kindergarten for an Afternoon of Explorations
Any afternoon from 12 - 3 pm

  • We offer activities that complement your child's half-day public school day

Afternoon Kindergarten Explorations Curriculum

  • Fine Arts – art, music.
  • Health and Physical Education – health education and awareness is integrated in the daily curriculum as students learn about food groups, a healthy body and active life skills.  Subjects include cooking, gardening, hygiene, dancing, outdoor games and sports, and nature walks.
  • Languages Other Than English – weekly Hebrew instruction.
  • Technology Applications –hands-on technology using IPads.
  • Social Life Skills – Derech Eretz (respectful, civil way of interactions and relating to others); self-regulation and other life skills such as learning the difference between right and wrong and sharing and taking turns, are taught as informal and formal lessons.
  • Social Action – students learn how good it feels to give back when they participate in various social action projects throughout the year. Mitzvot (Jewish obligations) are taught, modeled, and practiced.

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