Transitional Kindergarten

Preparing Children for Success

Give your child a gift of time, support and growth.  What child would benefit?  One who is:

  • Planning to go to Kindergarten next year or go on to First Grade.
  • A younger child who would benefit from a year of individualized attention.
  • A child who has early reading skills who will blossom in a small, supportive environment.
  • A child whose social/emotional skills will benefit from the extra support, guidance, and the warmth our staff provides.
  • Any child who loves to learn. We have the resources to provide experiences like no other kindergarten in the area. 

Whatever your reason, we are certain that your child's experience will be transformative.  As we continue to interact with our Kindergarten alumni, it is clear that their Kindergarten year with us at Barnert provided each student with vital tools which led them to future successes and education confidence.  Our unique and challenging curriculum is taught by Sharon Ramsey who holds a Masters In Education, an Orton Gillinghahm certification, and has 17 year of teaching experience. 


"It is our commitment to prepare our children for a lifelong love of learning and exploration"

Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) supports each child along his/her own path to success.  The teacher will create an individualize map for each student's academic and social/emotional journey, complete with higher-level challenges and long term goals.

Learning Environments

Students learn by working with the teacher in small groups while also having the opportunity for independent exploration. We utilize our  beautiful park like grounds to interact with nature and support gross motor development.  Forest Fridays are especially unique for exploration of the natural world, as is our large, wonderful community garden which the students work in and observe.


Our curriculum is based on the emerging interests of the children while incorporating NJ State curriculum guidelines in unique ways.  While building on previous knowledge, our students build excellence in math, writing, reading, science, and social studies.  Additionally, Jewish values are incorporated into many lessons, providing vital value based learning.

The Orton Gillingham method of reading introduces children to reading and effectively accommodates our students' different strengths and weaknesses.


  • Low child to teacher ratio and personalized attention
  • Unique curriculum designed to incorporate NJ state standards in a creative and challenging way
  • Specials include yoga, gym, and music
  • Beautiful park-like grounds including forest areas for exploration, multi-sensory playground and working garden
  • Five full days from 9 am - 3 pm allowing plenty of time for deeper learning and the gross motor play a 4 - 6 year old requires


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