Preschool FAQs

Below are answers to questions we often receive from prospective families. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us at (201) 848-1027 or [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you!

What are the school’s hours?

The morning sessions run from 9 am to 12:30 pm and include lunch time. The full-day session runs from 9 am – 3 pm. (Note: new 2 year old students do not stay for lunch for the first 3-4 weeks of school, to help with adjustment and separation.)

What is the average class size?

The average size in the 2 year old class (Rising Stars) is 8-13 students. The average size in the 3 year old class (Big Shots) is 9-15 students. The average size in the Pre-K class (Fantastics) is 21-28 students.

What is the student/teacher ratio? How many adults are in each classroom?

The student/teacher ration is 5:1 or better. When we see a need (i.e., a very active class), we do not hesitate to add staff to the classroom.

Are your teachers certified? What kind of training do your teachers have?

Every classroom has a head teacher who is certified by the State of New Jersey. There are then between two and four other staff who are trained by us and through ongoing seminar and workshop attendance. All of our staff must pass a CPR and basic First Aid class every two years.

May I review your curriculum?

Absolutely! We are very proud of our curriculum which is based on the concept of DAP (developmentally appropriate practice), the work of Jean Piaget, and the NAECY (National Association for the Education of Young Children).

Does my child need to bring lunch, or does the school supply it?

We believe that lunch is a very important time for learning about manners and healthy eating. Parents send a healthy lunch (no nut products and no pork or shellfish). However, we do offer hot lunch for sale three days per week.

What is the procedure for dropping-off and picking-up my child at school?

Drop-Off: We highly encourage parents to bring their children on time for a 9:00 start to the day. Parents (or caregivers) bring the children into the building and to their classrooms. Once children are acclimated (read about Separation in our Parent Guide), the parents (or caregivers) bring the child to the classroom, where a teacher is at the door to great them both. You are encouraged to share any important news (i.e., did your child sleep poorly, not eat breakfast, is a parent traveling, etc.) with the teacher at drop-off. You then give big hugs and kisses and promise to return on time.

Pick-Up: Parents (or caregivers) come to the children’s classroom and pick them up from the classroom. Teachers make sure that each child is released to the appropriate parent or caregiver. If a child is going home with a friend, this information is provided to the teachers in the morning, so the teacher can be sure to release each child to the appropriate adult.

Is bus service available to take my child to and from school?

We do not provide bus service for our preschool students. However, we have arranged for bus to transport our Kindergarten Enrichment students. If you are interested in bus service for your kindergarten student, please contact the preschool office at (201) 848-1027.

How much emphasis do you place on Art and Music?

Children learn through doing. Play is their work, and art and music allow for multi- sensory entrance into many types of learning. Our children have both music and art activities daily, and we have a nationally recognized music teacher and performer, Sheldon Low, teach fundamentals of music once a week. View additional info about our music program.

Do you teach character education?

Judaism is fundamentally about living an ethical life. Through the teaching of "mitzvot" (commandments to help others by giving, or behaving kindly), Jewish holidays, and the beauty of Shabbat, our children leave our school with a deep sense of their power to help repair the world (tikun olam) and help others less fortunate.

What if my child is part of an interfaith family?

Interfaith families are part of our Barnert Temple and preschool family and are absolutely welcome. We offer an Interfaith Outreach community for those who wish to learn how to bring Judaism into their home. We will offer ways into the celebration of Jewish culture and tradition, while never suggesting a child turn against his/her non Jewish parent's history.

What portion of the curriculum is based on Jewish studies and religion?

Our curriculum is geared towards the specific needs of early childhood development. Therefore, some aspects of Judaism and religion are not developmentally appropriate for this age group. However, through art, music, cooking and play, our students learn that they are a part of a Jewish family, with the security and responsibilities that it brings. They are joyful of their Jewish involvement and ready to go on to Religious School with a solid foundation of who they are.

Do you offer any scholarships or financial support?

We do not have a scholarship program or financial support for our preschool program. 

Do I need to be a member of Barnert Temple for my child to attend Barnert Temple Preschool?

No. If non-members wish to enroll children in our preschool, they become "Associate Members" and pay $625 per family. However, we do encourage our preschool families to join the Temple. The Temple offers a very generous membership program for those who wish to join the Temple while their children are in the Preschool. For more information about this program, contact Vicky Farhi, Executive Director, in the Barnert Temple Office at (201) 848-1800.