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Why Camp Barnert is Right for You


"My child wants a camp experience but is not ready to go off on a bus for a long day away from home."  

"My family travels during the summer so I need a flexible schedule. I don't want to pay for time I can't use." 

"Our child is still young - we don't see the need to spend the kind of money that some of the day camps charge." 

"My child has many years ahead to go "big kid" camp. I want a perfect transition—a big kid feel with young child safety." 


This is just a sample of statements we hear from parents of happy children who attend Camp Barnert.  Read on to see what Barnert camp can offer your child this summer! 


Summer 2018 Highlights! 
  • Special programs for our youngest campers ages 14 - 22 months. 
  • Optional five-day lunch provided for an extra fee.  Lunch includes child-friendly foods and fruits/veggies.  Gluten-free options available.  All foods conform to our "nut aware" philosophy.
  • Warm, positive atmosphere with lots of great activities to build skills, confidence and social development. 
  • Camp family picnic!  Come have fun with other families!
  • Lots of outdoor fun utilizing our beautiful grounds, garden, and forest for exploration.
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Parparim (Butterflies):  14 months — 22 months
* Hours: 9 am — 12 noon

Tzporim (Birds):  2 year-olds

Sh'fanim (Bunnies):  3 year-olds

Doobim (Bears):  4+ year-olds


Times & Schedules - See Brochure here

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