Adult Education

Adult Education Opportunities

A Variety of Adult Learning Opportunities exist every week at Barnert.  Learn something new, discuss the tough questions, learn what Jewish text as to say on a variety of issues we face every day.  You are welcome to join at any time. 

Torah Study

Become part of this free-wheeling sharing of ideas and personal experiences in the context of the weekly Torah portion. Look more closely at familiar and unfamiliar biblical stories and teachings and make them your own. Each session is self- contained, but the spirit grows time after time as we wonder why siblings are forever fighting, parents always have favorites and even G-d seems to be learning with us week by week!  Taught by Rabbi Steiner and Rabbi Soffin, alternate Saturday mornings, 9:30 am

Talmud Study

Join our modern day discussion of the Talmud, the place where Jewish life is based. Learn how to shop, talk and think Jewishly. Look behind the scenes at the lives of the real life rabbis and learn from their triumphs and missteps. Most of all, enter into the historic Jewish conversation and discover your own Jewish soul. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.  Taught by Rabbi Joel Steiner.  Certain Thursdays, 7:30 pm

Women's Rosh Chodesh Group

All over the world, Jewish women study together on Rosh Chodesh.  We encourage women of all ages to join together for these study sessions, which will allow us to explore the stories of women from our tradition while we have fun, build community and get to know one another better/differently.  taught by Sara Losch, Director of Lifelong Learning.  Monthly Shabbat Group at 9:30 am: January

Shabbat Yoga

The Physical and Spiritual meet in exhiliration.  Every level of experience is welcome.  Taught by acclaimed yoga teacher Rachel Dewan.  Usually the 1st Saturday of each month, please check the calendar.