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Enlisting From Afar for the Love of Israel

One of Barnert's own, Daniel Reichenbach, recently left for Israel as part of a special group traveling to Israel to make aliyah. 

Click here to read the August 14 New York Times article about Daniel, and others>> 

Have You Been to Israel?  Want to Share Your Story?

Those who have traveled to Israel typically say it was a life-changing experience.  This is a fairly universal response, regardless of the individual's level of observance or Jewish background.  

Help us encourage others to share the experience of traveling to Israel.  Tell us your story.  Why did you decide to go?  What was your experience like?  How did the experience impact you as an individual and/or a Jew?  We'd like to compile these stories and share them with others in our community.  

Click on the In Your Words button below and tell us your story.  We'll ask if you are willing to have your name associated with your story.  If you don't want to, that's okay. We'd still like to share your story with others.

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YOZMA: Our Sister Congregation in Israel

Kehilat Yozma RabbisKehilat YOZMA is a young and vibrant Reform community in Israel's newest city of Modi'in. Affiliated with the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ), YOZMA is more than just a place to pray; it's a spiritual, educational and cultural community.
Founded in 1997, under the leadership of Rabbi Kinneret Shiryon, Israel's first female rabbi, and a core of dedicated activists, YOZMA offers an appealing option to Israel's all-or-nothing approach to Judaism by presenting an egalitarian and progressive approach to Jewish ritual. By providing a spirituality relevant, values-based community for today's Israelis, YOZMA is responsive to the dynamics of both Reform Judaism and Israeli society.

On December 23, 2007, Kehilat YOZMA in Modi'in literally made groundbreaking history when the first government-funded, synagogue structure to be given to a non-Orthodox community was placed on the land allocated to YOZMA. Prefab structures will be used until funds to build the permanent complex are raised. Their capital campaign is in full swing with the immediate goal of raising $300,000 in order to secure the permits to build on the second lot allocated to YOZMA.
For more information and to learn about ways you can support YOZMA, visit 

Barnert Temple's Israel Action Committee 

The mission of the Israel Action Committee is to deepen our community's appreciation for and connection with Israel. We aim to do this primarily through a range of programming focused on education, political discourse and cultural experiences Our events are open to all Temple members and, in many cases, to the general public. We welcome participation from any congregant interested in strengthening connections between our community and Israel.