Family Promise Day Shelter Ridgewood, NJ

Volunteers Needed! 

/sites/default/files/uploaded_images/site/Helping_Others/Ongoing_Initiatives/Iwanttohelp.gifOne Sunday a Month!

2017: March 12, April 9, May 14, June 11

Pick a shift!
8:30-11 am, 11 am-2 pm, 2-5 pm

Each month, Barnert Temple needs at least two adults (18+ years old), as well as younger volunteers for each shift. Your role as a volunteer is basically friendly visitor, providing company, playing with the children and providing general oversight during the weekend shifts, when the regular staff is not there. The families bring their lunch and leave before dinner, so there is no need to cook. Give it a try!

Join Our Volunteer Pool: 

We are setting up a pool of interested volunteers, and will put out a call each month to the group to see who can help that month. Contact Temple member Donna Meyer at [email protected] or (201) 681-7044.


Family Promise Logo Family Promise of Bergen County is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that provides a variety of helpful resources for families in need. They offer shelter, food, and support services for the homeless, the hungry, and families in need in Bergen County. According to the latest figures from the New Jersey Corporation for Supportive Housing, nearly 13,000 people are homeless in New Jersey, and Bergen County ranks 2nd amongst the counties in our state for homelessness. With current economic conditions and the high rate of unemployment in our country, organizations like Family Promise are needed now more than ever. |The new Day Center in Ridgewood, New Jersey is a safe, central meeting place where families can gather during the day. There are telephones and computers available to help those who are job-hunting, as well as shower and laundry facilities for the families. Care managers are also available to offer advice, support and encouragement. |Family Promise relies on donations and volunteers to keep them going, and has partnered with 21 host congregations across Bergen County.