Ending Homelessness in NJ

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Lakewood Winder Drive List 2012


Collection to Help the Homelessness in Lakewood's Tent City

Barnert Temple, in conjunction with the Coalition to End Homelessness, is running a drive to collect much-needed items to help the residents of Lakewood's Tent City survive the cold winter months.  These items will make a huge difference for those living without homes.

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Jeff Wild Recognized by the Community for His Work to End HomelessnessJeff Wild Photo in Court

Barnert Temple member and Vice President, Jeff Wild, has donated his time and legal skills to defend and help a homeless community in Lakewood, NJ. This community, called Tent City, has been at risk of being kicked off the land they have been calling home in recent years. Since Ocean County does not offer alternatives for the homeless in their county, these individuals would have nowhere to go. Jeff's work has helped the residents of Tent City remain in their make-shift homes while the courts and the County work to figure out a solution or acceptable alternative for these individuals and others like them.

As part of his effort to protect the residents of Tent City, Jeff founded the NJ Coalition to End Homelessness, a statewide non-profit with one mission: to eradicate homelessness in New Jersey. Toward that end, the Coalition will advocate, educate, organize and, if necessary, litigate for emergency and permanent solutions to homelessness. 

Jeff's amazing work has received a great deal of well-deserved press coverage. On April 25, the Wyckoff YMCA will also be honoring Jeff with the William E. Boye Humanitarian Award. Congratulations Jeff!  Barnert Temple is incredibly proud of the work that you are doing on behalf of others. 

Learn About the NJ Coalition to End Homelessness 

Jeff Wild to Receive the William E. Boye Humanitarian Award from the Wyckoff YMCA | Mar. 21, 2012 

Tenafly Lawyer's Work with Ocean County Homeless Reveals a Kinder Side of Legal Profession | Jan. 20, 2012 

Google "Jeff Wild" and "Lakewood" to read additional articles about Tent City and Jeff's Efforts

Tent City, Barnert Temple & Jeff Wild:  Finding the Mitzvah Tattooed on Your Head

You never know where your inspiration will come from.  The story of how Jeff Wild and Barnert Temple became involved with a homeless community in Lakewood, NJ's Tent City is a great example.

Story coming soon.

Contact(s):  Jeff Wild, Social Action Chair for Ending Homelessness in NJ and Founder of the NJ Coalition to End Homelessness