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Main Number: (201) 848-1800

School: (201) 848-1027

Fax Number: (201) 847-0044

E-mail:  [email protected]

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   Rabbi Elyse Frishman
   Rabbi Rachel Steiner 


To schedule an appointment with either Rabbi, contact Lori Solomon at (201) 848-1800  ext. 401 or [email protected]



Director of Lifelong Learning

   Sara Losch
   (201) 848-1027  ext. 100


Temple Executive Committee

    Rebecca McKinnon
    Executive Vice President:
    Roberta Hong
    Vice President:
    Julie Good
    Vice President:
    Seth Haubenstock
    Vice President:
    Alice Heffner
    Vice President:
    Joan Lipkowitz
    Vice President:
    Jeff Wild
    Susan Kuller
    Bob Levin
    Financial Secretary:
    Dan Mason
    Women of Barnert President:
    Rebeca Gordy
    Men's Club President:
    Charles Troyanovski

Main Office

    Executive Director:
    Vicky Farhi
    (201) 848-1800  ext. 407
    Rabbis' Executive Assistant:
    Lori Solomon
    (201) 848-1800  ext. 401
    Office Administrator:
    Natalie Cohen
    (201) 848-1800  ext. 400
    Lynn Sabat
    (201) 848-1800  ext. 402

Preschool/Religious School Office

    Asst. Director, Education:
    Helen Fleischmann
    (201) 848-1027  ext. 200
    Preschool Administrator & Membership
    Alice Berdy
    (201) 848-1027  ext. 300
    Asst. Supervisor of Curriculum Development and
    Supervision, Religious School:
    Howard Nadler
    (201) 848-1027  ext. 408

Committee Chairs & Group Leaders 


    Barnert Temple Preschool Parents
    Association (Liaison)

    Barnert Temple Youth (BarTY) Rabbi Rachel Steiner

    Buildings and Grounds Bob Kwartler 

    Cemetery Steven Kandler

    Community Outreach (COR)  Chris Meyer 

            Big Events
            Free Will
            Social Hall Usage



     Human Resources Julie Kagan

    Interfaith Group Marianne Krantz
Mary Rosenberg 

    Israel Action  


    Lifelong Learning  Joan Lipkowitz

    Membership Rebecca McKinnon

    Men's Club Charles Troyanovski

    Networking Bob Levin 

    Programming Lisa Dugal 

    Renaissance Joan Cowlan 

    Ritual Julie Good

    Security Mitch Hausman 

    Social Action
            Africa Action
            Green Committee
            Mitzvah-Plex (formally Mitzvah Mall)
            Our Neighbors

Jeffrey Wild

Sue Klein, Ron Lynn

    Website & Technology Costa Rodis

    Women of Barnert
            Caring Community

Rebeca Gordy
Laurie Hamilton