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You have learned a little about us, but the information on our website is just the tip of the iceberg. The best way to get to know us is to experience us.  

We open our doors to you. Let's get to know one another.  


To join us for any of the opportunities listed below, contact Vicky Farhi at (201) 848-1800 or [email protected], or Alice Heffner at [email protected]

Join us for Shabbat

Six days a week: 

Parents and kids running in different directions. Projects due. Chores to complete. The list of demands never-ending 


Leave the chaos and move into a place of light. It might be: Basking in the warmth and light of tradition. Permission to rest, to step back, and find oneself again. Breathing space. Renewal of the body, the mind – and the soul. Shabbat is a weekly gift. 


On Friday night and most Saturday mornings, we reflect on what matters and who we want to become. We celebrate with uplifting melodies, ancient blessings and meaningful prayers, wisdom from Torah, food, family and friends. 

Please join us for any service – just come. All ages, any time. Shabbat is our respite from the hectic week. We invite you to join us for this physical and spiritual break. (Check the online calendar for specific date and start times, as they vary throughout the year.)


Dine with Us at One of our Potluck Suppers

On the first Friday of each month after our 7pm service, join us at our fabulous potluck supper! Delicious, special foods abound, with choices for kids and adults alike. We’re not kosher, but we separate meat and dairy, and there’s no pork or shellfish. Everyone brings a dish to serve 6, and we provide lots of dessert including fruit. The conversation is light and we’re always meeting new people. We really welcome you!


Participate in an Adult Education Class

It has been said that you could attend an adult education class at Barnert on almost any day of the week...and it's true.  Barnert's commitment to lifelong learning influences the number of variety of learning opportunities we bring to our congregants.  Some of our adult education classes are ongoing classes that meet regularly, while others are special programs that occur once throughout the year.  Whether you stop by and check out weekly Torah Study or Prophets study, or you come to a special program, like a movie viewing and discussion, you'll get a good idea of the breadth of viewpoints, backgrounds and opinions that exists within our community.  This diversity creates robust exchanges and learning opportunities for participants.  


Attend a Yom Kehillah (Community Learning Day) Session

Yom Kehillah is a "Day of Community" that brings together children and adults on Sunday mornings throughout the year.  During these sessions, various opportunities are provided for attendees to learn, explore, and enjoy being together as a Jewish community at Barnert.  Research is clearly showing that the most innovative and successful Religious School programs are those in which parents and adults learn side-by-side with children.  This model allows for "take-home conversations" that provide families with shared language and many chances to explore their Judaism together.  Many of our families have expressed that their Yom Kehillah experiences have enriched their families' connection to the broader Temple community and to one another.  Our Master Educators, Rabbi Frishman, Rabbi Steiner, Sara Losch and Helen Fleischmann, lead these sessions.


Meet Sara Losch and Tour our Religious School and/or Preschool

Many families look for a congregation when their children reach the age to begin preschool or religious school.  Our preschool and religious school are both run by our dynamic and committed Director of Lifelong Learning, Sara Losch.  Talk to our families and you will hear a similar theme about our school and Sara - "I came for a tour, met Sara, and I was sold!"  Both our preschool and religious school address the needs of the whole family - not just the child.  Developing a connection to to one's Jewish identity involves the entire family.  We are committed to helping our students become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, while creating a foundation for Jewish ethical and spiritual growth. Our long-term goal is to graduate children who become positive forces in our world: “mensches.”


Attend One of Our Special Programs or Holiday Celebrations

We offer a wide variety or programs throughout the year. Some revolve around the holidays. Others focus on key themes or current event. When we develop programs at Barnert, representatives from our community come together to develop comprehensive programs that uphold Barnert's mission and vision. Take a look at our website and our online calendar. Find something interesting? You are welcome to join us and check it out for yourself. Looking for a way to celebrate an upcoming holiday? Celebrating Jewish holidays at Barnert is a unique experience. We constantly strive to bring life to our Judaism by giving relevance and meaning to our rituals. Look at our calendar to see what we have planned. 


Schedule a Meet & Greet Tour

Most individuals or families looking at Temples have lots of questions.  We want to answer your questions.  We have been asked, "Why don't you put your membership application online so I can review it myself?"  Well, Temple membership is not a business transaction.  It's about relationships and finding the right fit for you.  We open our doors to you.  Let us answer your questions.  Take the time to check us out.  Ask our members - Barnert Temple is a very special community.  We look forward to sharing this with you.


Just check us out!
Click here to let us know that you would like more information or to schedule a tour.