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Mt. Nebo  |  Barnert Temple's Cemetery

It has always been a sacred tradition of Jews to be laid to rest in consecrated hallowed ground. It is only through the ownership and operation of our own cemetery that we can ensure that this sacred trust will not be broken. Mt. Nebo Cemetery is an integral part of the past, present and future of our Congregation. Through a sacred trust with us, your family's memories will be preserved and honored as part of Barnert Temple for eternity.

The foresight to purchase a cemetery lot is one way to lessen the stress on loved ones at a time of loss, and a time when the bereaved need empathetic understanding and clear focus on the memories of a happy life. Making the decision about a final resting place during life guarantees that you get what you want without being pressured by grief. It also addresses the practical element of reducing the financial burden left for grieving loved ones.

Our Mt. Nebo Cemetery was established in 1866 to provide a final resting place for future generations It is located a short drive south of the Barnert Temple, just off Route 80 in Totowa. Its picturesque 22-acre grounds are maintained through a substantial Endowment Fund. The objective of the Fund is to provide the necessary income to maintain and preserve the Cemetery for generations to come. The Barnert Temple Board of Trustees share the conviction that the Cemetery be managed and financed to continually provide a "lasting memorial and a fitting tribute."

Burial sites are available to members and non-members of the Jewish faith. Non-Jewish spouses of interfaith members are permitted burial in Mt. Nebo. Ground plots are still available, and there is sufficient space in Mt. Nebo for many generations to come. Family sections can be purchased for use by future generations, and the cost of ground plots at Mt. Nebo is less than many local Jewish Cemeteries.

For more information about Mt. Nebo, please contact the Temple Office at (201) 848-1800

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