Buildings & Grounds Committee

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Barnert Temple's Building & Grounds Committee

Our building and grounds are the physical home for our congregation. They are more than just a physical space.  They create the sacred space where we worship, learn, celebrate and commune together.

The Buildings & Grounds committee helps us care for and maintain our home so we have a beautiful and functional physical space to support our activities.  The committee consists of members who are familiar with the property's history or have special expertise in building and grounds maintenance. We maintain a list of existing employees, outside vendors and experienced Barnert members with specific knowledge of current and preventive maintenance issues. We work with many other committees and the Executive Board to properly identify needs and prioritize projects.

If you have an interest in working with the Buildings & Grounds committee or have a service to offer, please let us know.  We are thrilled to have your support.


Robert Kwartler
Arthur Nalven