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Barnert Temple's Archives Committee

Barnert Temple has a rich, 169 year history of serving the Jewish community in New Jersey and New York. This extensive history also means an extensive collection of documents, artifacts, and other items that represent our journey. Maintaining and preserving these items is clearly important to the Barnert Temple community. However, these items also represent the path and evolution of the Jewish community in America.

Our Archives committee plays a critical and essential role in tracking and maintaining many of Barnert Temple's historical artifacts. The work done by this committee was highlighted at our 160th Anniversary celebration in 2007 when many of these items were put on display for our congregants to see and learn about.

The committee is currently preparing an electronic inventory of all documents and artifacts.  Once completed it will be made available to all Temple members.  If you would like to assist in this activity, please contact Rich Edelman at [email protected].

Committee Members
Rich Edelman, Chair
Cipora Schwartz
Dorothy Starr
Mireille Schuck
Jillian Giberson