Africa, Water & Global Grassroots

“At Barnert, we believe that everyone has a right to clean, safe water.” 

Test Your Water Knowledge

  1. How many gallons of water does an American use each day?   

  2. How many gallons of water does a person in a developing country use each day?

  3.  All together, Europeans spend more money on ________  each year than it would take to ensure clean, safe water to everyone on the planet for a lifetime?


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Answers:  1) 75-100 gallons  2) 1 - 2.75 gallons  3) ice-cream


Water and You

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Barnert Temple's Africa Initiative

The Issue

Is there enough water to sustain all the lives on our planet? The answer is "yes, there’s plenty of water." But the issue is access. In developing countries on the continent of Africa, and around the world, water is often hours away from home. It falls to the women, and sometimes their children, to make the long daily trek, usually on foot, to gather water to meet the needs of entire families. The walk is often dangerous; the water is contaminated. Water is meant to sustain life; this water can end it. 

Hard Workers SummaryOur Partnership

At Barnert, we believe that everyone has a right to clean, safe water. We also believe that there is wisdom at the grassroots level—and where there is wisdom, there can be dramatic, positive change. That’s why we’re partnering with Global Grassroots, a nonprofit that offers an Academy for Conscious Change, a learning laboratory for emerging women change agents who design sustainable solutions for systemic problems at the grassroots level. In spite of limited education and traumatic histories that include war, heartbreaking loss and severe poverty, graduates of the Academy transform themselves into effective leaders. Their solutions improve hundreds, even thousands, of lives. In patriarchal societies where women’s voices are rarely heard, these new leaders are up-ending social norms by tackling their communities’ most daunting problems…and succeeding.

Africa Water Fund

Barnert’s Africa Water Fund supports Academy training and seed grants for women who design sustainable solutions for the lack of clean, safe, accessible water. So far, we have raised $20,000. The first recipients of monies were the Hard Workers, a group of 19 Rwandan women who are now providing clean, safe water for the first time to 6,000 people. We look forward to funding other women change agents and projects through our partnership with Global Grassroots. 

Join the Committee:

What does our committee do? Call it the 3 R’s:
Raise awareness. Raise funds. Raise engagement. 
Meetings are kept to a minimum, but ideas, energy and elbow grease are always appreciated. 

Do you like to:
Brainstorm & bounce ideas around?
Connect through Facebook, check out blogs or follow Twitter?
Tell your friends, family or colleagues about worthy causes?
Play around with computer programming, check out new apps and all "that stuff" that some of us don’t understand?
Do whatever needs to be done?

Lisa Summers, Co-Chair of the Africa Initiative
Karen Gerstel, Co-Chair of the Africa Initiative
Elizabeth Resnick, Co-Chair of the Africa Initiative